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The DeepenerInhale deeply. As you exhale, feel how tension dissolves and your muscles become soft and heavy, sinking into the surface beneath you. Take another deep breath, and send it through all the places in your body that still feel tight. Feel how the air sweeps up tensions and knots, and as you exhale, sends them all out of your body, far far away, while your body relaxes even more, and your softened tissue sinks even more deeply into the surface beneath you, melting into it like warm wax. With each new breath, you let go of tensions and knots. Sweep up any negative emotions xxx, any stressful thoughts lingering in your mind, trying to bother you while you have more important things to do. Right now all you want to do is relax deeply. Any important thoughts will be back later if you need them. Don’t worry. Breathe in and send the air through the blocked passageways of your mind, sweeping up any dirt along the way.Breathe out and send the dirt far away from you. You can now feel your mind relaxing more and more deeply. With each breath, your mind becomes empty. You feel how all your thoughts connect and dissolve into a small point of warm energy right between your eyebrows, rising a little higher, and opening a window to a higher power. This is the connection you need. Through this connection, you will enter your subconscious as you relax more and more deeply. Inhale, sweep up the dirt. Exhale, and breathe it all out. Inhale, and sweep up any left over particles of dirt, tensions, bad emotions, hard feelings, breathe out and let them all go, leaving your mind empty, your body heavy, and your whole being fully connected with the magical chambers of your subconscious from where you can implant true change in your life.With each breath, the moving air takes you deeper and deeper inside yourself. You are sinking into a circle of serene energy, continuous, gentle and easy, with no beginning and no end, just a continuous easy gentle circle. Velvety softness surrounds you, relaxes you, energizes you, comforts you, and brings you peace. You are feeling so serene now, there is simply nothing for you to do but relax. Relax.Relax. Simply inhale and exhale, feeling connected with your subconscious, with your own creative sky through the window between your eyebrows. The feeling to be completely relaxed and have this easy, direct connection with your subconscious comforts you in ways you never imagined possible, and completely envelopes you in peace and serenity.
Main PartImagine that you wake up one morning. You have only half opened your eyes when a beautiful, feminine voice permeates your whole body like a pleasant vibration and tells you: “Good morning! Today is not just another day. Today I’ve got a special surprise for you. Welcome to this bright, new world. Today, you will meet somebody special. Somebody who has a secret to tell you that will change your life forever.”Receiving this message from the beautiful voice, you feel completely relaxed, and so light, you seem to lift out of your body, and can now float through the air, watching things and people from above. Excited, you start moving with this light, new body you have been given and begin to explore this bright, new world.Everything around you is the same as usual. You have risen from your own bed, this is your room, your house, these are your streets, The people you know. And yet, something seems different. Everything is just a little brighter, the air is just a little fresher, the streets cleaner, the faces friendlier. Things seem to make more beautiful sounds, smell better. Voices sound kinder, movements look smoother.Suddenly, flying above your daily world that has undergone this subtle little change, you notice a woman. Immediately you know that this is the special person you are going to meet today. The person you CAME HERE to meet. Already from a distance, she exudes a magic aura, a sparkling, seductive shine that seems at the same time new and exciting, and old and familiar. Even from afar, her beautiful posture and smooth movements stand out in the crowd. As you get closer, you are impressed with her natural, feminine beauty, her smooth, soft, curvy body moving in smooth, soft, curvy ways. She laughs, and you admire her beautiful, bright laugh, full of natural feminine happiness. You see her walking, standing, sitting, interacting with people.

You are now close enough even to smell the beautiful aroma of her skin. Take in every hue of this marvelous scent. Does it contain notes of peach? Rose? Powder?Wax? Perfume? Now, you can even hear her voice! And what a perfect voice she has! Seductive, feminine, round, and beautiful!You realize that this woman combines every feminine feature you have ever wanted for yourself, in exactly the way you have always dreamed of. In a flash, your whole being is amazed as you look at her face and suddenly realize that this woman is ACTUALLY YOU! This completely natural woman breathing and oozing beautiful femininity is YOU. This place you have come to is the future! The only difference between her and you is that in her, finally all the single features you have worked on so hard, all those little mannerisms you have been trying to put into your speech, your smile, your laugh, your body, your face, your voice, your walk, your thoughts, your posture, your movements, your way of interacting with people, have come together in one single person. In their entirety they have become so beautiful, and so naturally feminine, you did not even recognize who it was when you first saw this well coordinated natural woman, this bright, new you here in this bright, new world.”Welcome to the future!” says the voice that has spoken to you before, the beautiful feminine voice that has invited you into this future world. You notice that as you are flying above your world, your beautiful inner woman looks at you and smiles at you. She puts her hand to her forehead for shade as she looks up to you and invites you to come towards her with a waving gesture. xxxx. Beneath her shaded forehead the vibrant color and full shape of her delicate lips invite you to come closer. Full of happiness, you fly towards her, and she pulls your ear to her mouth.As she draws you in, you realize: this will be the secret. She is about to tell you the secret that will forever change your life. You will hear the secret from her beautiful mouth. You are so excited and happy you have come to this bright, new world to learn from this beautiful person. As you tilt your ear towards her, you open a channel from between your eyebrows that leads directly to your heart, to your soul, to every pore of your body, and deep into your subconscious. You hear the perfect woman next to you breathe in. As she breathes in, suddenly the aroma of her lipstick wafts into your nostrils. A sweet, mesmerizing, magical, yet completely familiar scent hypnotizes you. In a flash you realize that you know this lipstick. This is YOUR lipstick! You are absolutely sure! And together with this realization, the woman’s secret penetrates deep into your mind and body, filling out your whole subconscious with its brilliant radiance. “I am your inner woman. Remember me, and you will be me.”You feel suffused with her magical charm, and you want nothing more than remember her FOREVER and BECOME her, but you are worried that once you wake up, once you leave your powerful subconscious and rise back to the surface you might not be able to remember her in all her splendor. Simply by looking at you, she understands what you’re worried about, grabs you by the hand and runs with you till you get to her room.In her room, there is a strange make up table. It has been doubled up by the mirror like its own mirror image. The two mirrors are pointing East and West along a higher wall in the middle, with two small tables stretching out to both sides, and two chairs at each end, to sit down and look at the mirrors. Your inner woman walks to the Western side, and, as if automatically, you walk to the Eastern side of the mirror at the same time and using the exact same movements. A strange sensation overcomes you, as if it is no longer you but somebody else who has invaded your mind and body and is now performing all your actions for you. As if you have turned into her mirror image.Clearly, this person controlling your actions is a woman. It is as if this is how you are supposed to be. As if automatically, you sit down on the small chair and face the mirror. Your movements feel smoother and silkier than usual, and you naturally flick back your hair with a small swerve of your head. Then, again, as if automatically, you grab your lipstick, open it and face the mirror, as you inhale its sweet aroma. You have just inhaled this aroma a little while ago on the lips of your beautiful inner woman. As if by magic, your own hands work in smooth, natural strokes to apply your lipstick. As you close it, you rub your lips against each other to distribute the color and patina evenly. Suddenly, through the lipstick sinking into your pores, a bright flash of magic creeps into your body and reacts with it like an unstable chemical substance that has finally found the right agent to react with.For a moment it is as if your body bursts into bright flames of love and passion, then you look at yourself in the mirror again and see HER. The perfect woman. Your inner woman. The woman who has led you here. The woman you came here to meet. Incredulously, you put your hand in front of your mouth, doubting whether this has really happened. You touch your facial features. They feel beautiful, warm, and smooth, just like hers. To check if this is really happening, you get up to look at the other side of the make up table where she was sitting. But as you step to the side, you notice that there is no other side.xx there is a single make up table. The roomends right behind the mirror, and the only person in here is you. Once again, you walk back to the mirror and look at yourself. This beautiful, peach-like skin, the mesmerizing glow in your face, the sparkle in your eyes, your beautiful posture, thesecompletely natural, soft, smooth feminine curves and movements that are simply part of you and do not require even the slightest effort. This amazes you so much, the most beautiful, irresistible feminine smile spreads across your face, beaming out into the world.Still, so far the only person who has seen the new you is you. It is now time to put this new you into a social environment, to surround yourself with people, to go out into the public and put your inner woman to the test. Has she really come out? Has she finally managed to manifest herself in the flesh? In you? Can she exist in the outside world?Even when she’s up against the perceptions and reactions of others?
You leave the house and step outside. Still, the world is brighter than the world of the past, the world you have come from. In this bright, new world, the colors are more vibrant, the sounds more beautiful, the scents sweeter. As you start walking through the streets with your completely effortless, natural feminine walk, posture, gestures and movements, smiling, and even humming a little tune to yourself with the softest, most feminine voice, you notice that people’s faces receive you kindly, give you beautiful smiles and inviting nods, admiring looks, and welcoming expressions.Until suddenly, you notice a man looking at you. Your heart beats faster and louder as fear of being read is rising and you’re feeling nervous. You realize that this man will put you to the test. This man is trying to sense a smell in you, and make you feel bad.You notice two young males walking towards you. Their path is going to take them right past you. As you walk towards them you fear they will read you. As they approach your heart beats faster and you become anxious. Suddenly they are a few feet from you.Filled with anxiety, it seems like your inner woman, this beautiful, effortless female beauty you have just become evaporates from your body and you sink back into a nervous ghost of the past that has been hiding somewhere inside you. You feel like you’re going to faint with unhappiness when suddenly, you realize that she, your inner woman, is standing right next to you like a beautiful apparition, blinking at you to promise she is protecting you and taking care of you whenever you need her. Perfect posture, perfect movements, perfect beauty. She is still there, unharmed. She is showing you her left hand. Once again you notice that your actions are being controlled automatically as if by somebody else. As you observe her next to you, you realize that your body automatically carries out exactly the same actions as she does, and exactly at the same time, as if you have become her mirror image. Looking at her, you feel better. This is you. You can see you are still beautiful, still a natural woman. She is moving FOR you, and she’s doing it perfectly! But looking over that man again, panic threatens to throw you off the rails. Once again, you look at your mirror image, at HER, and watch as simultaneously, both her and your left ring finger and thumb start moving closer together. Again she blinks at you. She is telling you yet another amazing secret!As your left thumb and ring finger approach each other, you feel confidence and natural ease rising inside you. You are once again turning into her, your true inner woman, your beautiful real self. You look at the man and don’t feel so afraid of him anymore. You watch your inner woman in the mirror image beside you as your left ring finger and thumb finally touch. With this, you receive a sudden boost of femininity and energy, a cocktail of vibrant vitality that makes the man appear harmless.

You wonder. You look at your mirror image and see yourself shrug and smile. This time your right hand comes up a little, and your right ring finger and thumb move closer together. ‘No problem!’ your mirror image seems to say. And as your right thumb and ring finger touch, once again you receive a huge confidence boost that now renders the man completely harmless. Your mirror image disappears, and this time you KNOW where it has gone. Your inner woman has once again come back into your body and perfectly settled inside it. It has melted into you like ice cubes into a cocktail. The man can no longer harm you. You can now confidently smile at him, and – what a surprise – he now suddenly looks friendly, smiles back at you and bows to you, as you continue your perfect, natural, confident feminine walk past him and towards the thrills of your day.SummaryYou have now learned all the secrets you have come to learn. With this new gift, with your inner woman, this new natural, feminine you, you can now safely come back to the past and walk right into the bright, new future your have witnessed today.You have seen the true beauty of your inner woman, the woman that naturally combines all the feminine features you have dreamed up for yourself and worked on every day. You have merged with her, you have felt what it’s like to be her. As long as you remember her, as long as you remember this sensation of truly being you, of letting your inner woman take over your flesh and blood, your thoughts, your movements, your heart, and your soul, you will live a happy life as exactly this woman you are right now, walking with your head up high, with a natural feminine swing in your hips, and a beautiful feminine tune on your lips. If you ever feel her evaporating from your body again, simply apply your lipstick and bring her back. If you ever get flustered in public, and your old fearful self threatens to re-emerge and fill you with panic, remember to use first your left ring finger and thumb, then, if you need to, your right ring finger and thumb. Bring them together and feel your panic evaporate, your confidence receive a boost, and your inner woman re-settle comfortably in your body and mind, ready to face the world full of confidence as a natural, fully coordinated, beautiful, sparkling woman. THIS is the NEW YOU!End of Session
Since you have now learned your lesson, start bringing your awareness back to the room, back to your body and to your surroundings. In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 5. Decide whether you want to drift off into a deep, rejuvenating sleep continuing the experience you have just had in your dreams, or wake into a beautiful shiny day, ready to incorporate the changes you have implemented in your subconscious in the waking world. When I get to number 5 you will either feel completely relaxed and sink deep into the realm of sleep, or completely fresh and energized, ready to start your day as the perfect woman you have become. Have you decided which way you want to go? Are you ready?1. Breathe in the air from the world you have just traveled one more time. 2. Breathe it out into your present world, into this room. 3. Breathe in the air in your present world, the air in your room and notice how you can take in more air than before, how it feels better in your lungs and gives more vitality to your body. 4. Breathe out every bit of air you have in your lungs. On the last count, you can either breathe in the air of dreamland, or you can open your eyes and arrive fully revitalized at the beginning of your new day, your new self, your new life. Have you decided which way you want to go? Are you ready? Here we go. 5.

Artificial Intelligence and Our Humanity

We hear and read about it everywhere these days.

You hear people saying, “The future is now.”

“We have to give way to technology.”

“We’ll be better off and live better lives (maybe not even work) if we let AI do it.”

Yes, technology is here, and we are living at the dawn of the age of AI, and it’s a topic that we’ve seen and heard a lot more about this year.

I wonder what the opportunities will be for the average person. You know, the person who is not the founder of Facebook, Google or Amazon, which have placed such high barriers to entry that it will be rare for companies to break into that stratospheric league.

What’s Going to Happen with Humans?

Do you wonder what’s going to happen to the average person? AI are taking over customer service, writing, design, sales, law, and medicine. As a businessman and social entrepreneur, the reality is that if you’re looking at things in a purely bottom-line manner, using AI could make a whole lot of sense. They never get sick. They work 27/7/365. They never stop and can indeed produce more than any human can–in a lifetime. From a pure dollars and cents perspective, AI can make a lot of sense.

But then you have to wonder about the broader implications of AI, and I sense that society has not even started to get its head around the implications. If you pay even a little attention to the news, then you know that a few months ago Facebook engineers shut down and pulled the plug on AI that decided on its own to go ahead and develop a new language. It was more efficient for them to get the work done, but humans did not understand. It seems that the language was basic, but what happens if the AI had not been shut down? Would they have developed a highly sophisticated way to communicate and operate that completely excised human?

I agree that technology can be beneficial to society. I think most people would agree that we’d prefer to send a bot into a dangerous situation, say war, rather than ask our men and women to put their lives on the line. I think there’s something to be said for the rapidly expanding role of robotics in medicine. For example, the fact that we’ve started to print human organs with 3D is a significant advancement, and we have to hope that many lives will be saved.

The Deeper Issues Related to AI

My concern as I dig deeper into the issue of AI is what the implications are for the human race, and yes, that even includes how we in the philanthropic sector connect with each other and with the world we serve. As I noted in the previous article I wrote, the Partnership on AI, which is a collaborative effort between mega-companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google and leading non-profits such as UNICEF and Human Rights are trying to lead the conversation about the implications of AI in all of our lives.

If you tune in even a little bit into the conversation about AI, you know that we have to deal with many issues, including some of the following:

Safety: We don’t want to be in a situation where AI is created, and it is not obligated to protect human life.
Transparency: We had the recent situation with Facebook where they shut down AI, but who rules (government or business) when someone says “Houston, we have a problem”?
Labor and the Economy: Whose responsibility is it to train people as AI develops and what will their work functions be in light of a much more powerful AI partner? Will people even have jobs?
Society: For communities around the world, which certainly includes nonprofit and philanthropic work, what will be the impact of AI on philanthropy, education, charitable work, science, private/public partnerships, etc.

The reality seems to be apparently developing that there are few areas–if any–that AI will not touch.

Humanity’s Competitive Advantage

When I read about issues related to AI, I think of one thing–humanity. I believe we all have to get into the conversation now about the implications of AI. I’m someone who likes and values people precisely because we are imperfect. There is a lot of prose and poetry in the human condition. AI cannot love, demonstrate courage, hope, dream, feel fear, etc.

In my mind, those qualities are what makes humans so much better than AI. Our values are our competitive advantage in comparison to AI. There is something intrinsic within people (some call it a soul or spirit, others connect the scientific dots of all the elements that make up our brains, hearts, and bodies) that makes us unique, and yes, even exceptional.

We have a serious conversation that has to take place about AI, but it involves all humans, and we have to pay attention before we have a situation we did not bargain for in the age of technology.

The Path for Humanity as it Greets AI

In many ways, I hope that AI begins to break down the things that divide us and that we discover that as humans, we are all the same. We are. Take away the issues of money, race, religion, gender and everything else; we all bleed red.

We all hurt.

We all hope.

We all dream.

The way I see it, the time is now for humanity. It can be our finest hours at the dawn of a new age–provided we all get out of our own way and engage in a global dialogue about humanity in the age of AI.